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Regional Team Ministry Presentation by The Reverend Bob Root

    Thursday August 17 about a dozen people came together from both churches to talk about Regional Team Ministry. There were some interesting observations:
  1. regional team ministry is one way to keep all area churches open for the foreseeable future. By combining some expenses, and most importantly, by sharing volunteer energy, we could all continue to enjoy Sunday morning services in our familiar buildings.
  2. This is only a test. We can set the timelines - maybe we try it for three years? If it’s not working, or if things are going in a direction you don’t support, we can reassess or abandon the project after the allotted test time.
  3. By teaming up with area churches, we have a larger volunteer base from which to create new programs, serving our communities in a new and exciting way. We only have to dream!
  4. It will probably cost our churches less for ministry costs than we are currently paying.
  5. Sunday morning will still feel the same. We will have an ordained minister some Sundays, with lay supply some Sundays.
Somebody suggested this form - what a great idea! Please feel free to fill this out, or print it and leave it in the collection plate at church. We have a vote coming up in September, and this is one way to hear everyone’s concerns and questions. The forms are anonymous, but your voice will still be heard.

Who Are We?

Woodville and Peniel United Churches offer dynamic worship, programs, community outreach, and plenty of opportunities to share meals together. Just about everything we do as a congregation includes food and fun. As a farming community, we strive to honour our roots while celebrating diversity.

Ministry Team
Woodville and Peniel share a part-time minister, Rev. Wanda Stride. Along with Rev. Wanda, Karen Archer is the treasure and pastoral charge secretary. Every Sunday morning we are graced by the wonderful music of our pianist, Cheryl Standen. Finally, our custodian Mel Archer works hard to keep the Woodville building clean for all of us. Click here to contact us.
Strategic Thinking Team - the fun people!!
A group of people from both churches loves to have fun - so their only reason for existing is to create fun events, free of charge, and invite the community. In the spring we have a “Paddle down the drain,” a 2.5 hour paddle down the drainage ditch that runs through the farms of the old Mariposa Township. We have had stargazing parties, a Share your Treasures night to end the summer (bring your favourite antiques - human or machine), a Peniel 6000 walk-run challenge etc etc. Every event involves food and you!
Most Sunday mornings we gather at 9:30 (Peniel) and 11:00 (Woodville) to meditate, share our faith, pray and sing. Did we mention sing? Music is an important part of our worship and community life, from the youth band, worship band and choir, coffee houses, concerts… do you play an instrument? There is a place for you! New to Church? Click here to learn more. Click here if you are interested in baptisms, weddings, or funerals.
The people at Woodville and Peniel are committed to helping everyone in our communities. Through the UCW, as well as through our outreach committee, we offer monthly lunches, movie nights, and now we are working on community youth programs.
Coffee House
Once every two months or so we have coffee houses, alternating between the two churches. We welcome musicians, poets, and artists at any stage of their training, any age. We also welcome people to bring in their snacks or lunch, depending on the time of day, and for one or two hours we enjoy each other’s musical offerings, food and coffee/tea in a safe and supportive atmosphere. Click here to learn more
It is expensive to maintain ministry in our communities, with two buildings, staff etc etc. While weekly donations cover most of the expenses, both congregations must also fund-raise. We love to eat! Both congregations hold community suppers at least twice each year to raise money for operating expenses. But these events do more than raise money – they bring the community together for a good time!