I have a challenge for you all. Have you been thinking for a while that you need to get a little more fit, get more exercise? This is your year! I am organizing a five km run/ two km walk as part of General Council in Oshawa. The run is July 22 at 8:00 a.m. You can run/walk with us in Oshawa at the university, or you can walk right here in your own community – you just have to sign up and get pledges, and then start following our super-easy training program. Seriously, it’s easy. This week you make a commitment to get out of the house three times. You run at your own pace for one minute, walk for one minute, run for one minute, walk for one minute … until you have run/walked five times total. That’s it. That’s your work out!! I would be happy to organize a Sunday morning / afternoon walk together if that makes it easier. It’s all for a great cause, including your fitness and health. Please consider joining us!! Email me back if you would like more information, but here is the web page about the run. We also have a Facebook Group.

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