What is the UCM?

The UCM is the United Community Ministry and is a new umbrella name for the churches in our area. These churches include Woodville and Peniel United, with Trinity Cannington, Oakwood United and Cambray United.

What is the purpose of the UCM?

These churches have come together to form a regional team ministry. Beginning September 1, 2018, Rev. Wanda Stride and Daniel MacDonald (intern supply at Trinity) will form a transition team as we discover what kind of work we can be about in God’s name, in our part of the world. Each church will remain open and independent, but will share a team of preachers, including Daniel and Wanda, plus a licensed lay worship leader.  For now, the focus is on sharing worship leaders, but the group of churches is also looking at sharing ministry and other resources as we move into a regional concept of church.

What is an example of these other resources?

If you are not familiar with what we have done at Woodville and Peniel in the past, you can come and be a part of out Paddle Down The Drain, our \Coffee House and Movie Nights, as well as our Treasures Night. For what is new, check out the “Family fun night” on June 22 (Woodville), and again July 20 (Trinity, Cannington), as we explore different ways to be church together. Family Fun Night is church, but you can be loud and messy. We will share a meal together, crafts and stories. IT’s for all ages – that’s the point. And it’s something we are doing as a regional faith group. It’s United Community Ministry.

Are new ideas welcome?

You bet! We want to know what you are thinking. Is there something that you would like to see happening as an event or gathering at your church, or is there something going on at your church that you would want to share or see the UCM become a part of that event? Speak up! We want to know. Help us be the best that we can be for our communities! Leave a comment. Come out to an event. Come to church! We would love to see you there. Inspire us!

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